Moving forward


Shaping SongPane’s direction

Openness and collaboration are two values that I think are crucial for the success of the app. Because of this, I would like to invite you to take part in shaping SongPane.

SongPane is an application designed for musicians, a tool for managing songs and setlists. The app works on any device and shines when used on stage by the entire band.

As is the case with any software application, there is always room for advancement. There will always be innovative ideas that can be implemented, existing features that can be improved upon, and yes, bugs that need to be squashed. A few questions arise:

What should I tackle next? What feature would be most useful? What can I improve?

I don’t want to be alone in making all the decisions. That’s why I put together a public roadmap board on Trello, which gives an indication as to where development is heading.

Your voice matters

It’s important for me to know what you would like to see done in SongPane—the things that would make you more productive. I invite you to participate in shaping SongPane by voting and commenting on what matters to you. You might want to start by reading this introductory card to understand how the roadmap board is organized.